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A Plant Prescription

Alocasia Jacklyn

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Alocasia Jacklyn 'Tandurusa'

This striking Alocasia is thought to be a mutation of Alocasia Portei from Sulawesi and is native to Southeast Asia. 

Lobed, irregular arrow-shaped leaves sport dark veining contrasting against it's green leaves. The leaves texture are also incredibly unique and reminds us of almost rough peach fuzz. We truly believe no photo will ever do the Jacklyn justice! 

The Jacklyn is a must have houseplant for any collector and with the right conditions can thrive in any home! 

CARE: Alocasia appreciate warmth, humidity and bright yet indirect light. Keep substrate moist but not soggy, allow excess water to drain away. Feed your Alocasia with a slighter weaker fertiliser ratio with each water when actively growing. 

  • 14ø nursery pot
  • 20-30cm plant
  • Rare and uncommon plant 
  • Must have! 
  • Pet friendly? No