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A Plant Prescription

Amaryllis No Water Flowers Gift Bag

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Wax Colour

Hippeastrum Bulb ‘No Water Flowers Waxz’

Comes in a gift bag with metal wire stand for bulb, bulbs available in Green, Red and Grey.

 No Water Flowers - What does this mean?

These specially grown, large bulbs have been cultivated to have enough energy to bloom with zero care. Simply place your bulb somewhere bright and away from the cold and effortlessly enjoy the beautiful flowers of the Hippeastrum. They are waxed in a special wax that allows the bulb inside to breathe and grow. 

Stem and flowering growth will take place in 3-6 weeks and blooms can last for around 3 weeks after this. 

Not actually Amaryllis but a Hippeastrum bulb! Hippeastrum bulbs are commonly sold throughout autumn and winter as Amaryllis. There is only one species of Amaryllis native to South Africa whilst there is over 90 species of Hippeastrum native to Central and South America. The only real difference between the two is the stem, Hippeastrum have hollow stems while Amaryllis do not. 

All ‘No Water Flowers’ are guaranteed to bloom