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A Plant Prescription

Extra Large Philodendron Pink Princess 3

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Extra Large Philodendron Pink Princess

Due to varying quality in this batch there are three prices reflecting the cosmetic damage and level of variegation, this listing is for four Extra Large Pink Princesses at only £79.99 that have suffered some cosmetic damage and/or have less variegation. Please note if there is damage it is purely cosmetic and the plants themselves are in full health. All four plants have been photographed to give you a true representation of the plant you may receive. 

We are excited to offer our second batch of Pink Princesses, this time in a bigger size! 

A rare Philodendron that is prized by plant collectors all around the world. Dark green leaves dappled in pink variegation that can range from streaks, splashes and even half moon leaves set upon burgundy stems!

CARE: Provide your PPP with bright, indirect sunlight as to not scorch the leaves. Water when the top couple of inches of soil has dried out but do check before watering and ensure excess water is able to drain away. Fertilise once a month when your plant is actively growing. 

  • Rare Philodendron
  • Pink variegation
  • Easy to care for plant 
  • 21cm nursery pot
  • 60cm average plant size
  • Suitable with pets? No