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A Plant Prescription

Ludisia Discolor ‘Jewel Orchid’

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Ludisia Discolor Jewel Orchid


Looking for something different that has a striking and luxury feel? The Ludisia Discolor is for you! 

Sporting dark green, almost black leaves that are almost velvet to the touch with light veining the Ludisia Discolor also blooms pretty white flowers that grow tall above the plant. 

CARE: Ludisia Disclour are much easier to care for than other Jewel Orchids. Medium light is great for this plant, water when the top of the soil has dried out. They prefer to stay a little moist. A warm spot away front the cold is key for this plant as they dislike the cold. 

  • 12cm nursery pot
  • 25cm tall 
  • Full pot with plenty of foliage
  • Unique leaves
  • Flowering houseplant
  • Pet friendly? Yes!